Marlin Kirsch

Marlin Kirsch

Licensed Agent

Marlin Kirsch founded Kirsch Insurance Group in 1991. Marlin has always been a believer that knowledge is power. Close to the time he became eligible for Medicare he decided to become a local agent. Marlin feels privileged that he can talk to people face to face about their health plan needs. He is dedicated to the business, clients and mission to help clients figure out all of the ins and outs of senior health insurance. When Marlin got involved in Medicare, retirement went out the window! To this day he feels rewarded when he signs up clients on the right plan. He has been blessed with great employees who are committed to the clients in terms of education and customer service.

Three words that describe me: Proactive, Trustworthy, and Helpful

Favorite thing to do when not at work: Golfing, reading a good novel, and an avid movie goer

Favorite place to visit and why: I’m not a traveler, so my main destinations are between home, the office and the golf course.